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Coupon Marketing

50,000 printed in full color every 5 weeks
Delivered to 5,000+ businesses
Markets tourists & local communities
Advertise for only $10 a week


Distribution Information

The Coupon Book of West Orange County is a very cost effective coupon book with a unique hand delivered distribution system. 60,000 copies of the book are distributed to over 5,000 businesses in the SW area including:

60,000 copies of The Coupon Book of West Orange County

  • Community hospitals
  • Public schools, private schools & colleges
  • Doctors, dentists, lawyers, all professional offices
  • YMCA’s, churches, golf courses, banks
  • Hotels, motels, condos & apartments
  • Grocery stores, convenient stores, drug stores, gas stations
  • Retail stores and many, many, more…

32819 Dr Phillips
32835 Metro West
32811 Kirkman/Orlo Vista
34761 Ocoee
34787 Winter Garden
32821 Williamsburg
32830 Disney area
34734 Gotha
32836 Buena Vista
34786 Windermere

Distribution Area

The Coupon Book of West Orange County covers:

Bay Hill, Dr. Phillips, Gotha, Metro West, Ocoee, Windermere, Williamsburg, Winter Garden, Stoneybrook West, Lake Buena Vista, and International Drive to reach the tourists too!

Where to pick up your copy:
Community hospitals, public schools, private schools, colleges, doctors, dentists, lawyers, professional offices, YMCA’s, churches, golf courses, banks, hotels, motels, condos, apartments, grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, gas stations, retail stores and many, many, more...

Distribution Information